Staff Profile

Shaun Kawalek //
Consultant, Business Development Officer

I joined IOD PARC in March 2016, having recently completed my MSc at the London School of Economics.

My academic background encompasses foreign policy analysis and comparative political science, with a particular focus on European Union governance and external relations. In this regard I am interested in the European Union vis-à-vis South Eastern Europe and the Middle-East North Africa regions.  With research skills that embrace a range of research methodologies, I utilise both quantitative and qualitative approaches.

Initially my work at IOD PARC was focused on business development, developing and preparing tenders for various clients across a range of thematic areas. From October 2016, I have been developing a consulting portfolio, where my interests include governance, public policy, human rights, and justice and conflict.

Additionally, I am a fully-qualified teacher, having completed the Teach First Leadership Development Programme as a 2012 ambassador. Though I have no-immediate plans to re-join the profession, I remain an active member of the Teach First community.