Staff Profile

Scott Cameron //

I am an expert in Geographical Information Systems (GIS), applying my knowledge at IOD PARC directly to spatial and analytical components of monitoring work, capacity building in Open Source approaches and GIS strategy design. My background in the Research and Geospatial Analysis department at the Ministry of Defence allowed me to develop advanced level GIS technical skills and understanding, as well as embedding a disciplined and diligent approach for provisioning research to a high standard of accuracy. I combine a natural creativity with a solid fundamental understanding of logical systems to produce intuitive methodologies and pathways for the collection, analysis and presentation of information.

I enjoy exploring the practical application of scientific data as well as designing and investigating ways to capture intangible complexity across development landscapes. Whilst highly competent with commercial GIS software, I prefer to utilise Open Source software because of the flexibility and adaptability potential across challenging and dynamic projects, relying more on my own core technical knowledge to drive GIS delivery. This approach is highly transferrable to my capacity building work, in that I can engage with organisations in way which is low cost, user friendly and built around empowering capable people and harnessing real understanding.