Staff Profile

Julia Betts //
Principal Associate

I am an evaluation and human development consultant with over 18 years’ international experience, working with bilateral and multilateral institutions and INGOs to help improve their aid and development effectiveness. Clients have included the World Trade Organisation, the African Development Bank and various UN agencies, as well as bilateral agencies such as DFID and DANIDA.

My main areas of expertise and experience include: evaluation design and management, especially complex methodologies for cross-national studies; social analysis and social impact assessment, including gender, equity and exclusion issues; and governance and political economy issues.

My recent work has included evaluating agency performance in fragile and conflict-affected states, and assessing donor progress on policy commitments in areas such as trade and social exclusion. I was a member of the Core Team for the OECD’s Paris Declaration Phase II Evaluation, and one of the Synthesis report’s principal authors. My country experience spans Asia, Africa and Latin America, both as a consultant and as a former adviser with DFID.