Project Profile

WFP Gender Policy: A Policy Evaluation

Client // WFP
Country // Global
Date // 2013

‘This Time Around?  IOD PARC completed an evaluation of the World Food Programme’s 2009 Gender Policy. The Evaluation assesses: i) the quality of the policy; ii) its results; and iii) the factors explaining the results. It asks whether this time around’ will prove a step-change for WFP in intensifying its efforts on gender in food security and nutrition.

The study touched more than 60 countries worldwide, including field studies in the Democratic Republic of Congo, Ethiopia, Bangladesh and of the Syria Regional Emergency Programme. In response, WFP has committed to renewing its Gender Policy; to integrating gender into its country strategies, operational plans and programme cycle; and to taking immediate action to augment its technical capacity for gender issues.

 The Evaluation, Summary Executive Report and Management Response can be found here