Project Profile

Sustainable Development Investment Strategy

Client // Government of Australia Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT)
Country // South Asia
Date // 2013

In 2013 IOD PARC was commissioned by AusAID to provide monitoring and evaluation advisory services for its Sustainable Development Investment Strategy (SDIS) for South Asia. 

The SDIS exists to promote water, food and energy security in South Asia. 

IOD PARC established a monitoring and evaluation strategy for the SDIS and supported its execution.  The monitoring strategy developed supports an annual analysis of the pace and extent of change, a contributions analysis approach and the embedding of a learning process in the assessment approach in order that the portfolio and its partners can be calibrated each year. 

Key features of the work have included review and amendment of the pre-existing Performance Assessment Framework (PAF); annual recalibration of the PAF; the development and execution of the new M&E strategy; contribution to key research outputs; capacity building and training for AusAID staff; annual monitoring assessments; preparation of an Annual Review Report, and delivery of a quadrennial evaluation. 

IOD PARC will deliver mid-term and end of programme reviews for the Strategy.  Mechanisms for lesson learning have been built into the annual reporting process.