Project Profile

Senior Management Coaching

Client // DFID
Country // Global
Date // Ongoing

There is increased recognition that the provision of formal training may not be the most appropriate way to develop the leadership skills of senior managers.  Over the last 6 years IOD PARC have undertaken a number of individually designed one-to-one coaching programmes with advisers and managers within DFID who are looking to move into senior leadership roles.  

Each programme helps the individual reflect on their future direction, assess their current strengths and weaknesses and then maps out objectives and a series of activities to help them manage the required transition to where they want to be.  With a philosophy grounded in a psychodynamically informed approach, coaching involves a challenging but supportive process of reflection on personal style, impact on others and the development of core and technical competencies.  Normally involving between 4 and 8 one and a half hour sessions this process can be undertaken either by phone, video conference or in person.