Project Profile

External Quality Appraisal of ILO Independent Evaluation Reports

Client // International Labour Organization
Country // Global
Date // 2014

IOD PARC was commissioned by the ILO’s Office of Evaluation (EVAL) to conduct an external Quality Appraisal of the reports of the independent project evaluation conducted by the ILO from 2012-2013, as stand-alone documents, in order to determine the quality of its reports through an external assessment and rating. 

The appraisal reviewed the quality of the different components of evaluations in order to provide constructive feedback for evaluation commissioners, to improve future evaluations; to analyse key strengths, weaknesses, and lessons of ILO evaluation reports; and to provide actionable conclusions and recommendations to improve the quality oversight system and systemic quality of the evaluation function. The appraisal conducted was formative and summative; intended to inform the improvement, as well as the accountability of ILO evaluations.